•  Tashi Phuntsho 09.30 - 15.30 Workshop
    Tashi Phuntsho

    Software Defined Networking (SDN) Workshop

    Dates: 25-28 Oct 2021
    Location: Baga Toiruu-20, Ulaanbaatar 14200
    Venue: Information Technology Park, #211 Room


    • The emergence of SDN is having a disruptive influence on the world of data networking and is leading to a fundamental re-think of how networks are architected.
    • This workshop will provide an understanding of the key technology elements of SDN via a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises.

    Target Audience

    • Anyone currently operating an IP and/or MPLS network who is interesting in understanding the impact of SDN with a view to implementing elements of it in the near future.


    • This workshop is not an introduction.
    • It is assumed that the workshop participants have working knowledge of IP routing, MPLS protocols and traffic-engineering, along with know how to use a router command line interface.
    • The lab exercises use IOS-XR (XRv) CLI and Ubuntu VMs

    We recommend the following Academy courses be completed before the start of the tutorial:

    Workshop topics

    • History
    • Motivation for control and data plane separation
    • Architectural frameworks
    • OpenFlow
    • Topology discovery and management
    • Segment routing
    • OpenDayLight

    Other requirements Other requirements

    • Participants are advised to bring their own laptop computers with high-speed Wi-Fi (802.11a/g/n/ac) and administrative access to system. It is also recommended that laptops have Intel i5 or i7 processor, >=8GB of RAM and 30GB of free hard disk space.
    • Software: SSH Client, Telnet Client, VirtualBox/VMware
    • Confirm Secure SHell (SSH) is allowed from the office or home network to access the lab infrastructure? Test ssh connectivity, try to connect to For example from the CLI type: ssh

    Workshop Items

    • Agenda (includes links to presentations and schedule)
    • Instructors: Warren Finch (APNIC), Dave Phelan (APNIC), Tashi Phuntsho (APNIC)

  •  Speaker 2 09.30 - 15.30 Workshop
    Speaker 2

    Virtualisation Workshop

    Dates: 25-28 Oct 2021
    Location: Baga Toiruu-20, Ulaanbaatar 14200
    Venue: Information Technology Park, #301 Room

    Workshop Topics

    • Welcome, Introduction
    • Virtualisation overview
    • Desktop Virtualisation (VirtualBox)
    • KVM and libvirt
    • lvm and scripted install
    • Migration and shared storage
    • Ganeti
    • Instance creation using ISO images
    • Live migration
    • Instance creation using VMDK images
    • Ganeti settings
    • Automated Instance creation
    • Networks and VLANs
    • Failure handling
    • Cloud computing


    Target Audience


    Engineers who desire or require an in-depth knowledge of building and maintaining virtual environments.

    Workshop Prerequisites



    • Medium to good knowledge of the UNIX/Linux command line environment is an absolute requirement
    • Basic understanding of L2/L3 technologies and TCP/IP networking and VLANs
    • Participants are required to bring a laptop - (Windows/Linux/OSX) with wireless, 1GB+ RAM, and 5GB+ free disk space




    At the end of the workshop students will be able to:


    • Explain concepts of Virtualisation as it relates to modern computer systems
    • Explain and demonstrate Desktop Virtualisation using VirtualBox
    • Explain and demonstrate System Virtualisation using KVM and libvirt
    • Explain and demonstrate Migration and shared storage
    • Explain and configure a Linux system to use Ganeti
    • Demonstrate how to create an instance using ISO images
    • Demonstrate live migration with Ganeti instances
    • Demonstrate how to create an instance using VMDK images
    • Explain and configure various Ganeti advanced settings
    • Demonstrate how to create automated Ganeti instances using synnefo
    • Explain and configure virtualisation networks and VLANs to provide networks to customer VMs
    • Explain and demonstrate techniques for dealing with Ganeti failure handling
    • Explain some basic concepts relating to Cloud computingFULL DETAILS:

  • 9.30 - 09.40 AM Conference

    Opening Plenary

  •  Philip Smith 09.40 - 11.10 AM Conference
    Philip Smith

    Keynote : Dr Philip Smith (Senior Network Engineer @ NSRC)

  •  DASHDORJ Yamkhin PhD 10.10 - 10.40 PM Conference
    DASHDORJ Yamkhin PhD

    Keynote : Dashdorj (Adjunct Professor @ Mongolian University of Science and Technology)

  • 10.40 - 10.50 PM Conference


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